Client: Petrofac
Project: Validation test
Task: Blockage Detection




Here we present the results of a validation test performed at the Petrofac Montrose Training facility. The pipeline was 10″ in diameter and was 1km in length.

The Pipeline
The figure below shows a schematic of the pipeline. The pipe is a loop that consists of two pig traps (labelled “T1” and “T2” respectively) and two motorized valves (“M1” and “M2”) with 1 km of pipe in between them. There are also two drainage valves (“X” and “Y”), each separated from the main pipe by short 2″ diameter branches.

The resulting signal from firing the gas-gun at location T2 is shown in the figure below. Each feature identified in the signal has been annotated. The locations of each of the features are as follows: 133m (A), 162m (B), 210m (C), 280m (D), 414m (E), 545m (F), 721m (G) and 920m (H). These locations are also marked on the pipe schematic above. The minor blockages (A-G) detected are thought to be pools of water left in the undulations of the pipeline when it was drained. The large feature at H shows a complete blockage, caused by a slug of water.

A complete blockage – caused by a slug of water – was located with absolute precision