Pinpointing valves opening and closing incorrectly

Subsea valves play a critical role in the offshore gas industry. If not identified quickly, initial valve problems can very quickly lead to major, costly issues. At worst, catastrophic failure can occur, leading to a shut down or even serious injury.

Whatever the underlying causes of a problem, the first sign that something is wrong is generally a failure of a valve to open and close correctly.

The Acoustek® system provides the means by which incorrectly-functioning valves can be identified early on, allowing action to be taken before a crisis occurs. This is simply achieved – by connecting the system to an instrumentation port or to a pig trap on the platform, which allows it to test quickly whether subsea isolation valves are opening and closing correctly.

Early alerts are a vital part of good flow assurance. With Acoustek®, you get ahead of problems before they turn into something you’d rather not know about.