An innovative, award-winning system

Developed by The University of Manchester’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Acoustek® provides vital real-time data whilst avoiding all of the costly and time-consuming equipment used by conventional inspection regimes, such as crawlers, robots, ROVs, ultra-sound and video inspection.

  • Non-invasive and non-destructive
  • Works by sending acoustic waves down a pipe, tube, pipeline or pipeline network
  • These waves pinpoint with great accuracy any build-up of deposits, corrosion, leakages, dents and blockages
  • Results are then interpreted by a signal processing suite.
  • Proven technology – demonstrated exceptional efficiency in working pipelines in the USA, south east Asia and the North Sea
  • Now available for commercial applications through Euler Acoustic Solutions
  • Highly sensitive, robust and simple to use
  • Integrates easily into existing equipment, increasing efficiency, saving money and improving flow assurance

Continuous monitoring

For operation-critical pipelines, Acoustek®’s technology can provide continuous monitoring, a much more thorough approach than periodic inspection. Because of its sensitivity, it can detect problems such as build-up of gas hydrates at a very early stage, allowing remedial action to be taken before hugely expensive and disruptive blockages occur.

One-off trouble shooting

Acoustek® can also be used for one-time trouble shooting, such as locating a stuck pig.


  • The IET Innovation Awards 2010 – Measurement in Action category
  • Shortlisted and commended for IChemE Awards – Innovative Product of the Year category
  • Shortlisted for UK Energy Innovation Awards 2015 – including Best University Technology

Acoustek® benefits

  • Easy to deploy and relatively inexpensive
  • Non-invasive
  • Non-destructive
  • Continuous monitoring capability – useful for monitoring hydrate build-up or real-time tracking of pig progress
  • Suitable for complex pipeline networks
  • Straightforward to integrate with existing pipeline equipment
  • Remote surveying capability
  • Only requires access to one end of the pipeline
  • Accurate location of blockages
  • Short survey time
  • No disruption to gas flow or normal operations

Acoustek® partners

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